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     Are you under stress? Having chronic pain issues?
      Coping with grief, illness, trauma, or addiction ? 

     Let the The Spirit of Nature help balance and assist you

Mother Nature is part of the Universal Source which connects us all in the intricate web of life and offers us so many ways to relax, refresh, nourish, and restore balance to our bodies,minds, and spirits.
Here at NatureSpirit we connect with the Earth's natural gifts and are attuned to the Universal Life Force energy to create an atmosphere of tranquility, healing, and joy for all beings.
We utilize several alternative resources into a session, often in combination, to promote relaxation and add restorative benefits from several approaches.
NatureSpirit Services offered :
  • Reiki
  • Intuitive energy readings & aura scan
  • Guided imagery / Meditation
  • Aromatherapy
  • PMR ( Progressive Muscle Relaxation )
  • Spiritual Advisory / Therapeutic discussion
  • Chakra cleansing and balancing
  • Crystal therapy
  • Reiki classes
  • Pet and animal services ( Including intuitive animal readings / communication )
                            When making your appointment for NSRT services,
                   please remember to fill out the client release form.Thank you!

                   Reiki Class information :

To request a Reiki class, please contact Raven for scheduling, then click the banner below to fill out the registration form and submit your tuition ( $95 USD ) by clicking the Tuition button.
Raven now offers both individual training and group classes upon request and availability.
(Group classes must consist of at least two students but no more than six at this time. )
Thank you!
"Reiki" is defined as an alternative holistic healing system of energy that affects the entire person or animal by providing relaxation, stress reduction, and  energetic restoration of balance thereby giving the body help in healing itself.
Literally meaning " Universal Life Energy", it is a subtle energy, with transcendent and boundless qualities, that addresses ailments on all levels including mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. It can stand alone but is also a wonderful compliment to many therapies.
Reiki ( along with many alternative healing practices ) is now regularly practiced in places like hospitals, retirement homes, veterinarian offices, as well as spiritual retreats and even jails and prisons to assist healing and facilitate relaxation and stress reduction.

Please Note:
Reiki and other forms of energy work and alternative relaxation / healing techniques are NOT a substitute for medical care or physician's advice, but are holistic and do compliment medical treatment by treating the whole person. These techniques also do not take the place of psychological or emotional therapy but can assist with relaxation and stress reduction and help to improve mood.
I do not diagnose conditions, but will support my client’s medical treatments with my alternative therapies with permission from my client and their qualified physician or therapist.
If you are under the care of a physician or therapist, please speak with them before receiving NatureSpirit therapies.
Thank you.